Aloka Sleepy light - New Ballerina

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New dual power Sleepy Lights!

Our already fantastic Aloka night lights are now even better!

Aloka dual-powered sleepy lights can be powered via USB port or 3 x AA Batteries (included). Settle and soothe busy little minds at the end of the day with the mesmerising colour fade option. 

Available in so many designs, there's sure to be one that you will just love!

Dual Powered Sleepy Light Features:
-Low heat LEDs - little fingers cannot get burnt 

-Multi-Coloured LED light in twelve rainbow colours
-Use the remote to choose from twelve rainbow colours

-Option to cycle through all twelve colours - (turns off after 20minutes on battery to preserve power)
-Can be dimmed to help children (and their parents) get a better nights sleep. 

-Sleep function - gently fades to low light
-Timer function - will gently fade to low light and then turn off after 40 minutes 

-Side Lamp - brightest white light (turns off after 40 minutes on battery to preserve power)
-Can be powered from any USB source, including multi-port powered USB hubs 
-Even safer voltage – 5v instead of 12v 

Whats inside the box?

*Your Aloka SleepyLight Design

*Dual Powered Base with buttons

*USB Cable

*3 x AA Batteries

*Interactive Remote Control

*8 Specialised Coloured Markers and Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (Colour-Me Sleepylights only)