baby banz Value Protection Set - Magenta/ Lime

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A combination pack suitable for babies 0 – 2 years Babybanz sunglasses are the trusted brand leader in infant eye protection.

Their robust, well designed frames use high quality polycarbonate and the patented neoprene strap allows for a firm yet secure fit.

The polycarbonate lenses are rated UV 400 Cat 3.

BabyBanz sunglasses offer excellent protection against the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

Banz Baby Ear defenders offer effective noise reduction for babies 0-2 years.

Banz Ear defenders are soft to wear, comfortable and lightweight. The deep cups cover a baby’s ears effectively and the padded headband exerts only gentle pressure on the baby’s head.

Banz baby ear defenders have a multitude of uses, from Twickenham to Silverstone, Wembley to Wimbledon, bonfire night to summer parties – any event that has loud noise that may upset a baby or harm their hearing.