Brio Railway Lumber loading set

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An impressive new railway set, a lumber loading station in the forest with everything needed to make your own play stories. Special lift and load vehicle with magnetic arm, A four-wheel drive vehicle, forest worker with chain saw fitting in workers hand, replanting devices, lumber wagon, lumber, trees and mountain pieces and a big bridge.

In the forest they are waiting for you and your train to come and help to load the lumber. The forest worker with his chain saw will help you and you can take a ride in his four-wheel-drive vehicle to replant some new trees. This is an exciting rail play, and why not extend the play by adding the Sawmill playset to it. Now, get out in the forest and have some fun as a lumber train driver. 

24 pieces
H 13,5 x W 54,1 x D 55,9 cm

age-group : from 3