Colour Yourself to Mindfulness: 100 Mandalas and Motifs to Colour Your Way to Inner Calm (Adult Colouring Books)

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The act of being mindful is being aware of the present moment.  The process of colouring becomes a meditiative process by which you are intently aware of colours, designs and motifs.  You are living in the moment and the concentration and repetitive nature of the simple art of colouring takes over as you become oblivious to the stresses and strains of everyday living.

Mandalas, symbols of the cosmos, have for hundreds of years inspired those who gaze upon them.  Color Yourself to Mindfulness will give you inner calm and peace as you connect to the shapes and symbols that create these powerful images.  

Here we present 100 original designs of mandalas for Awareness, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Abundance, Creativity and Karma.