Eggling Cactus

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Egg Hatches Plant!

The precious, little eggling looks and feels like an extra large egg, but crack its top and discover a garden ready to grow! Cultivation is easy — seeds are already sown into eggling’s fortified peat mixture, just crack it’s top (by tapping on it with a spoon), water and place in bright spot. Plants grow for up to five months in the eggling, after which it can be planted directly in soil.

The eggling (54mm x 47.5mm) comes with a terra cotta tray and an extra seed pack to insure success. Ten egglings are available: three herbs (basil, mint and thyme), three flowers (chrysanthemum, phlox, petunia), and special edition varieties (lavender, cactus, and wild strawberry). In its handsome gift box, the eggling makes a clever and delightful gift for the chef, gardener, a child or anyone who loves the cute and curious.