Lego Storage brick 8 draw Red

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The LEGO brick drawer is a fun storage box with drawers for toys, LEGO bricks, office utensils and other small items. Alternatively, use it in the nursery to store the baby's diapers, bibs, blankets and lotions. The box can be placed on a desk, a shelf or on the floor and is designed to fit with the LEGO storage brick system. Decorate, play, form and have fun with the drawers while using them for storage. The iconic box is available with one or two drawers in a range of colours that appeal to both kids and adults.
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Officially licensed LEGO product
  • Dimensions: 50 x 25 x 18 cms
  • Over sized LEGO blocks that stack
  • Compatible with LEGO Storage Brick
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Safety: BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC-free
  • Clean with soap and water
  • Store anything you wish in them from CDs to toys to stationary
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Always open the drawer on a level surface to avoid the risk of the box tipping over.