Mello Merino Legging Ink

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design features

designed to be worn all day every day, our practical 100% merino wool legging is a cosy must have piece for any active miss + master mello


our leggings are easy wearing and perfect to match back with our merino tops & dress. the leggings have an elasticated waist and narrow hem turn


fabric composition: 100% superfine merino wool knit


fabric weight: 200gsm


merino benefits: known for its skin loving qualities, merino keeps kids warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. it is breathable and is not itchy to wear. it is lightweight, durable, machine washable and 100% natural + gentle on our planet!


fit: slim fit, worn to contour the body


wash care: machine wash, follow wash care instructions on garment care label


country of origin: lovingly made in fiji, where we care for our community by being socially and environmentally thoughtful