Snails Nailpolish - Fairytale

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Pretty in pink!

Imaginative play should not cost your children's well being or the environment.  Snails nail polish is free of risk and harmful chemicals.  The natural 3 main ingredient for the nail polish formula is: Water, Acrylic Polymer and Non Toxic colorants.

Little girls will adore sporting sensational coloured nails just like mummy.  Meanwhile you'll love that your kids can experiment with nail polish safely and easily.  When dress up time is over it is easily washable - simple soap and water will remove from your gorgeous girls' nails.

Each bottle is 10.5 ml
Introducing Snails,  the safe nail polish for children that can be removed with only soap and water! No nail polish remover of any kind required.Carefree child’s play made chemical and toxin free. That is the proud promise of SNAILS Kids. You will find the world’s first 100 % European water soluble and easily washable children’s nail polish – and a new age of safe, simple and sustainable cosmetics that colour kids’ worlds and nails, naturally