The Dragon Defenders Book One

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Book one in the Dragon Brothers novel series. When evil boss The Pitbull discovers that dragons exist on Flynn and Paddy's island, he sends his men to kill one, and to bring him back a dragon's egg. It will take all of Flynn and Paddy's skill, bravery and cunning to stop them.

from the Arthur

"The Dragon Defenders is officially launched! On paper, it's for 7-12-year-old readers, but lots of people of all ages have read it and loved it (thanks to my proof-readers!).
As far as I can tell, The Dragon Defenders is one of only two or three novels in the world to have 'augmented reality' content, accessible via a free app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.
I've tried to make the book as exciting as possible – I wanted it to be an absolute page-turner, as those are the books I loved most as a kid."