Where the wild Dads went - Katie Blackburn

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Hilariously, beautifully illustrated by Sholto Walker, this book is for dads who like to live on the wild side. Or who think they should be doing so a whole lot more of the time.

It’s designed as a gift book for Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas – for any man who considers himself a secret rock star, and overworked, underpaid, and not having quite enough fun. (Based on my husband? Er, couldn’t possibly comment.)

In this little homage, and following on from Where the Wild Mums Are, Dad spirits himself away to the sports bar of his dreams, Tarzan style, where he goes wild, but at the end of the night, he remembers what he’s missing, and is happily back in time to sleep off the excess….

As with Where the Wild Mums Are, I love the way that Sholto manages to make these characters look more and more surreal as the night wears on – they truly become wild things.